samedi 25 mai 2013

Dream Fish Kustom Week-End part 1


Quelques photos prises par notre ami Gégé lors de notre virée à Allassac. Mauvais temps mais chaude ambiance...Super festival avec un grand merci aux organisateurs qui se sont défoncés.

Some shots taken by our friend Gégé during our trip to Allassac. Very bad wheather but a warm atmosphere...Super weekender and a big thanx to the organizers.

 Who is this bad guy with this shinny car? (A note to Anna : the beer is only for the shot. It was mine and I drink it during the rest of the trip. Phil)
 Allassac landing on friday...Still some sun!
 Preparing the BBQ
 Northsiders camp
 Downtown Allassac
 Sunday evening fun...with warm jackets!

Sunday's last sunrays

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