samedi 11 mai 2013

La suite...The following


Un nouveau post avec encore quelques photos du work in progress à l'atelier et des vues plus récentes de la "Batmobile" en cours de remontage.

A new post with some more shots of the workshop's "work in progress" and more recent views of the "Batmobile" re-assembly.

 In the prep' room with all trim holes removed
 Some welding on the driver side rear quarter panel after removing of the rusty parts and applying some new steel patches.
 Trying to install the future crusin skirts. After 2" of lowering it will be great...
 Candy paint first part...
 Deep Candy red, finale
 The "Batmobile" in the paint booth
 Rear fin
 Front reassembly have begin
 She begins to look like a car again...

Still a lot of work to complete it

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